Mobility is the underlying fabric of society
Mobility is a multi-trillion-dollar annual market, that is pervasive across all facets of commerce and industry.
From electric and autonomous vehicles to EVTOLs, hypersonic travel, space exploration, and many more groundbreaking ideas, unlocking the next wave of opportunities will require disruptive innovation in multiple dimensions of technology, infrastructure, supply chain, and human resources. A great number of challenges lie ahead — we like to think of them as opportunities.
The UP.Partners Moving World Report is an extensive analysis of the trends in mobility, from macro forces shaping markets to individual actionable ideas. Through detailed market research and expert insights, we identify the main themes shaping mobility in the coming decades. Battery technology, raw materials, energy infrastructure, pilot shortages, and sustainable fuels are a few of the inhibitors and accelerators we cover in the Moving World Report — it provides our perspectives on the most relevant themes that will influence how we transform the way we move people and goods on air, land, sea, and space.
Whether you’re a seasoned mobility industry veteran or just getting started, this report is a carefully curated repository of information for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve in the dynamic world of mobility.